Don't settle for anything less than the absolute best.


The Khoshnaw company works tirelessly to achieve set goals and ambitions, we want to be a shining beacon to improve the present while also creating a better future.

  • To improve overall the economy of our country and be an integral part of society.
  • To provide quality products and services that exceed customers’ expectations.
  • To achieve market leadership and operating excellence in every business segment that we operate.
  • To continuously attract, retain and develop Human Capital.

Core Values


We strive to have the highest standards of excellence.


We will strive to exceed customers’ expectations.

Motivating Leadership

We will lead by example.


We share one Vision, we work as one Team.


We will encourage and reward innovation, especially breakthrough ideas.


We will conduct professionally and ethically.

Chairman Message

As the years have flown by, Khoshnaw company has become more assertive, currently boasting a highly profitable and diversified portfolio. From our simple, early years, all our team members’ keen vision, inspiration, and hard work have placed Khoshnaw company among Iraq’s leading businesses. Throughout the years, we have been an integral part of the local community. Our employees come from various backgrounds and work together in perfect harmony, building our reputation and value every time. As the chairman, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment and joy when I think about the winning network of employees, customers, and partners we’ve gained over the past 37 years. I’m certainly grateful to everyone who has confidence and trust in our abilities as a company. I take this opportunity to re-enforce the trust and confidence you have given us by promising to continue building partnerships with our local community and all our stakeholders. Our aim is to continue to grow our business while remaining vigilant about the needs of our community at large and doing as much as possible to improve lives. I’m confident with the continued support from all our partners and customers and the long-standing dedication and perseverance from our employees; we will see our combined future endeavors rise in success.

Our Brands

Our Latest Projects

Das Food

The project is building a silo with the capacity of (200,000) tons worth of storage at first stage with the intention of expansion in the future.

Future City

The investment permit was obtained in Erbil in 2011, the area is approximately 670,000 square meters.


Khoshnaw company for Commercial investment became the major shareholder of the university in 2016. Tishk international university is granted ISO 9001:2015 certificate for the quality management system and is a member of the Arabic Universities Union. Many of the university’s programs are accredited by International Accreditation Agencies. The university’s main goal is to be the preeminent academic institution in the country and region with regard to education,research, development, and public services.