Khoshnaw Company provides top quality products for its customers.

Das Food Industries

Khoshnaw company was the first to provide food security in Kurdistan region and Iraq by establishing a wheat marketing project in Erbil city in the year of 2020.

The project is building a silo with the capacity of (200,000) tons worth of storage at first stage with the intention of expansion in the future. Also, 13 factory supplements produce wheat products like flour, bulgur, groats, noodles, biscuits, cereal, and other wheat products with the capability of producing 3000 tons daily.

This ambitious project is absolutely vital for the agricultural industry’s growth in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, and hence the farmers benefit immensely, it also provides employment for the younger generation. The company’s main goal is to restore the most substantial local capital that was sent abroad up to now in an effort to revitalize the local economy through high-quality local goods


In 2006, Mr. Ghafoor Majeed Khoshnaw, owner of Khoshnaw company for Commercial investment, became the exclusive distributer for all LG products in Iraq including LG TV, sound systems, appliances, air conditioners, computer monitors, etc.…

The vision of the company is to create a unique experience with the help of technology. LG offers a wide range of products that let the customer embrace life and prepare them for its greatest moments. LG electronics produces intuitive, flexible, and energy efficient products so that customers are able to spend wisely, be more productive, and reduce their impact on the world around them. LG electronics are the most suitable option for consumers and keeps them updated with the latest technology advancements.

Futuer City

Mr. Ghafoor Majeed Khoshnaw is the owner and managing director of Future City project.

The investment permit was obtained in Erbil in 2011, the area is approximately 670,000 square meters. With the highest and most advanced features in the area, the Future City project is on the Masif road, across several different areas, which consists of villas and apartments that provide all the necessary accommodation and services, such as schooling, shops, mosques, sport centers, and more.

Tishk International University

Tishk International University (TIU) is a private university established in 2008 in Erbil- Kurdistan, Iraq.

Khoshnaw company for Commercial investment became the major shareholder of the university in 2016. Tishk international university is granted ISO 9001:2015 certificate for the quality management system and is a member of the Arabic Universities Union. Many of the university’s programs are accredited by International Accreditation Agencies. The university’s main goal is to be the preeminent academic institution in the country and region with regard to education, research, development, and public services.


In 2008, Mr. Ghafoor Majeed Khoshnaw, owner of Khoshnaw company for Commercial investment, became the exclusive distributer for Carrier air conditioners in Iraq. Carrier is a worldwide pioneer in air conditioning and refrigerator solutions

Built on Willis Carrier’s invention of modern air conditioners in 1902, it is known to be the invention that changed the world. We continuously build and enhance previously innovated ideas that can improve comfort and efficiency on a global scale. The reason for the company’s well trusted reputation is due to driving new industries though creating high end products and services.


In 2013, Mr. Ghafoor Majeed Khoshnaw, the owner of Khoshnaw Company for Commercial investment, became the exclusive distributor for consumer electronics and appliances of Whirlpool in Iraq.

With a wide variety of products ranging from laundry machines to stoves, Whirlpool appliances can be a great assistance and make everyday chores much easier. Their attentive products and appliance suits are made with regards to customer needs. Whether the customer is in need of a new washing machine with suitable space that can get all of their garments ready in time or a range that heats up at full tilt, Whirlpool appliances will provide them with the most compatible products.


Khoshnaw Company for Commercial investment became an exclusive agent for NUCTECH in 2016.

The NUCTECH FS6000 Fast-Scan Container Vehicle Inspection System, designed and manufactured by NUCTECH company, is a new generation high energy drive-through portal cargo inspection system efficient cargo screening method and high-quality imaging as its X-ray source.

The NUCTECH MT1213DE Mobile Container Vehicle Inspection System, designed and manufactured by NUCTECH, is the third generation of the NUCTECH MT1213DE Mobile. Container Vehicle Inspection System is the world’s first Mobile Container Vehicle Inspection System using an Electron Linear Accelerator (LINAC.)


Since 2017, Khoshnaw Company for commercial investment has become the exclusive agency for Saudi Arabia based airline Flynas, which is a private airline in Saudi Arabia

Flynas is the first airline operating in the economic aviation scheme of the Kingdom. The airline began operations in the capital Riyadh after winning an opportunity to perform scheduled flights throughout Saudi Arabia from King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh. King Khalid International Airport and King Abdul Aziz International Airport were used as the main travelling center. Flynas Airways was established in 2007 and took off its first commercial flight on February 25 of the same year. Flynas offers services to 11 destinations in Saudi Arabia and 26 international destinations in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

Ronaki Hawler

Since 2015, Ronaki Hawler Education company has become a vital part of Khoshnaw company for Commercial investment which began its educational activities in 1994.

Ronaki Hawler schools consist of one kindergarten, six primary schools, and three high schools, with nearly 5000 students. The Oxford Quality Program is applied in Ronaki Hawler schools, and our graduates can speak four different languages (Kurdish, English, Arabic, and Turkish). All classrooms are fully equipped with technological devices and Project-Based education is offered in these classes.Various activity resources are provided in the schools, such as libraries, sport facilities, game rooms, learning centers, multimedia rooms, and conference rooms.

Shahan Kindergarten

Shahan kindergarten and primary schools were established in 2014 in Erbil, which belongs to the managing director of Khoshnaw company.

Shahan provides high-quality education to more than 600 students, and it’s one of the most popular private schools in Erbil. The education in Shahan kindergarten and primary schools is taught in Kurdish and English with expertise consisting of foreign and local staff. In addition, Students are prepared to participate in many national and international competitions each year in which science Olympiads and competitions are conducted.


Since 2010, Mr. Ghafoor Majeed Khoshnaw, the owner of Khoshnaw company has become the exclusive distributor for JTI Donskoy Tabak cigarettes.

Donskoy Tabak is one of the most prominent tobacco companies in Russia, established in 1857. In 2018, JTI acquired Donskoy Tabak companies to reinforce its No. 1 position in Russia, the thirdlargest tobacco market in the world. After this deal, such well-known brands as Donskoy Tabak, Richmond, Play, continent, Senator, and others entered JTI brands' portfolio and strengthened their market leadership. The company's main objective is to have steady business development and satisfy the demand for tobacco products throughout Iraq.

Khoshnaw Steel Factory

In 2021 Khoshnaw company has started to construct the most substantial steel factory in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan region in Iraq, with an area of 225,000 square meters.

The factory will produce an average of 1000 tons of steel daily from the smelting of scrap iron, this figure will increase and grow with time. In this factory, De-dusting system is used to prevent the environmental pollution through decontaminating the ovens smoke and filtering the harmful gases.

Khoshnaw steel factory will be supplying all-steel types, improving the local economy, and creating numerous new jobs for young people, all of which will help restore the region’s economy.