Company Background

Since 1983, Mr. Ghafoor Majeed Khoshnaw has emerged as one of the most prominent businessmen in Iraq

He has founded several large companies that have prospered, one of which is Khoshnaw Company for Commercial Investment/Limited in the capital of Kurdistan northern Iraq, Erbil city. The expertise of Khoshnaw company encompasses marketing, sales, building construction, residential remodeling, agriculture and education. As of today, Khoshnaw company is one of the most prominent companies in the middle east that encompasses exclusive distribution for well-known brands in Iraq.

A Brief History of Our Company

Since 1983, when Mr. Ghafoor Majeed Khoshnaw started his trading company, he has founded several large companies including Khoshnaw company for investment. Since it’s early days, Khoshnaw company has stood out amongst its peers and was widely known for being sincere, service oriented and reliable. All of the mentioned qualities have contributed to the glory and success of the Khoshnaw company that we know today.

The Journey

From its humble beginnings nearly 37 years ago, Mr. Ghafoor Majeed Khoshnaw the owner of Khoshnaw company, has come a long way in the Iraqi market.

The Beginning of Trading by Mr. Ghafoor Khoshnaw

The Exclusive Distributor for LG


The Exclusive Distributor for Carrier Air Conditioners


JTI Tobacco Company


The Establishment of Future City Project


The Exclusive Distributor for Whirlpool


The Establishment of Shahan Schools and Kindergarten


Ronaki Education Company


Tishk International University (TIU)


The Exclusive Agent for NUCTECH Company


The Exclusive Agent for Flynas Airways in Iraq


The Establishment of Khoshnaw Flour Mills Factory


The Establishment of Khoshnaw Steel Factory

Khoshnaw Company has quickly developed to be amongst the major corporations in Iraq.

It has quickly stepped to the forefront in all its working sectors with regards to technology, education, and construction. Khoshnaw company is providing services with the best quality for the citizens.

Besides working in various sectors, Khoshnaw Company has been able to play a significant role in introducing and bringing multiple large corporations to Kurdistan and Iraq, which is essential to the region’s economic growth. Khoshnaw Company supports young generation through improving their skills & education and creating competent leaders Khoshnaw company have a fruitful history of delivering excellent performance in all the following sectors: oil and gas, nutrition, and health.

Khoshnaw company has not limited its aims only to develop the country, restoring various sectors in the society, and growing construction sectors; on the contrary, these are only the beginning of Khoshnaw company’s efforts in providing work contentment, reviving the economy of the country, and increasing domestic production

Services & Experiences


Oil and Gas


Real Estate