About Us


The years have flown by, and Khoshnaw Company has become more assertive, currently boasting a highly, profitable and diversified portfolio. From its simple, early years, all our team members’ keen vision, inspiration, and hard work have placed Khoshnaw company among Iraq’s leading businesses. Throughout the years, the company has been a part of the local community in many ways. Our employees come from various backgrounds and work together in perfect harmony, building its reputation and value every time. As the chairman, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment and joy when I think about the winning network of employees, customers, and partners we’ve gained over the past 37 years. I’m certainly grateful to everyone who has confidence and trust in our abilities as a company, I take this opportunity to re-enforce the trust and confidence you have given us by promising to continue building partnerships with our local community network. Our aim is not merely to make a profit for our company but also to offer opportunities and potentials to be great and achieve greatness and by providing opportunities to develop our society, I’m confident with the continued support from all our partners and customers and the long-standing dedication and perseverance from our employees; we will see our combined future endeavors rise in success.


Since 1983, Mr. Ghafoor Majeed Khoshnaw has emerged as one of the most prominent businessmen in Iraq, he has founded several large companies that have prospered, one of which is Khoshnaw
Company for Commercial Investment/Limited in the capital of Kurdistan northern Iraq, Erbil city. The
expertise of Khoshnaw company encompasses marketing, sales, building construction, residential remodeling, agriculture and education. As of today, Khoshnaw company is one of the most prominent
companies in the middle east that encompasses exclusive distribution for well-known brands in Iraq.

The core values of Khoshnaw company relies on pillars of quality, service, social responsibility,
and modern adaptation. As a company, our success lies within the harmonious work culture we
provide for our employees. Ideas are endless and great things happen when everyone works
together to achieve a common goal.

ince 1983, Mr. Ghafoor Majeed Khoshnaw has started trading, and has founded several large companies similar to Khoshnaw company for commercial investment. Since it’s early days, Khoshnaw
company has stood out amongst its peers and was widely known for being outspoken, sincere, and
independent. All of the mentioned qualities have contributed to the glory and success of Khoshnaw
company that we know today

Khoshnaw company acknowledge the importance of sustainability and its reliance on diversity, this
has been a driving force ever since the company’s establishment and it has aided in the company’s
exponential growth.