Khoshnaw Co. sponsors Rwanga Job Fair 2019 in Erbil.

Khoshnaw Co. strongly believes in initiatives and takes part in supporting and finding new opportunities for the youth in the nation, as the Fair targeted unemployment nationwide.

With this in mind, Khoshnaw Co. participated as a Diamond Sponsor of Rwanga Fair 2019, which is the highest sponsorship package offered by the foundation of Rwanga. Over 60 vacancies were airsen for the youth in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The Prime Minister of the previous government, Nechirvan Barzani and the founder of Rwanga, Idris Barzani addressed their appreciation to the role of Khoshnaw Co. in challenging the unemployment matter among youth and support the initiative to find opportunities for fresh graduates.

That said, Khoshnaw Co. was glad to receive a fair amount of resumes submitted by the attendance during the three days of the fair.

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